The relationship between CBD, CBG and beer drinking

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There’s nothing better than kicking back in front of the TV after work with a glass of beer. You can almost feel the current as the stress of the day leaves your body. The ability to relax, to unwind, to let go, benefits us greatly. The problem starts when stress takes over and we can’t forget our worries and burdens at home, in a calm environment.

For those of you wondering about the connection between the two key compounds in beer and hemp, we’re about to reveal the secret. One of the connections that many people seek out CBD as a CBD oil, and of course, beer is seized upon for, is stress relief. To each his priest and his priestess, after all. Obviously, anyone who is not a friend of alcohol will turn to the former if they have to choose between the two. However, the huge difference between the two is that while beer is intoxicating after a certain amount, CBD has no mind-altering effect at all, yet can bring you to a relaxed state.

And CBG oil, although much less well known, is linked to all of this through CBD, as it is the parent of CBD. What is CBG in young cannabis becomes CBD in older, mature cannabis. So we can only show an indirect link to beer.

But let’s look at what CBD oil, also known as cannabis oil, is actually good for. It is an active compound of hemp, which has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It has even been used to make anti-epilepsy medicine. CBD oil is a form of CBD dissolved in oil. Research has shown that it has a measurable effect on the nervous system. It can help calm relaxation, relieve pain and anxiety.

CBG is much more limited in availability than CBD. There is less of it, as only the very young plant contains it. It is present in most plant strains at about 1%. It is also found in broad spectrum cannabis oil. Of course, the CBG compound has no mind-altering effects. It is used to treat many symptoms and conditions.

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